Traxxas defined Ready-To-Run (RTR) over 20 years ago as a fully assembled version of a high-quality, hobby-class, R/C kit.

A Traxxas RTR is assembled by a staff of over 70 experienced, professional assemblers. Specially engineered tools and fixtures, along with exacting quality control ensure that the model is assembled correctly, right down to the exact torque specifications for the hardware. The radio system is tested and fully installed. The body on almost every model comes fully painted and trimmed.

On nitro models, the engines are installed and the fuel mixtures are preset to factory break-in settings. Detailed operating instructions, a helpful DVD (in most models), exploded view diagrams, and our friendly customer service are all there to help you with questions, maintenance, and repair. A Traxxas RTR gets you driving quickly so that you are ready to have fun right away. Our customer service keeps you going down the road successfully time-after-time.

So, what is left to do? On nitro models, some require gluing the tires to the rims, you will need to install 12 "AA" alkaline batteries (some models do not require AA batteries due to a built-in RX Power Pack), and apply any additional decals to the body. You will also need a charged 7.2 volt battery pack for the EZ-Start
(some models include a TRX Power Charger).

On electric models, you will need 8 "AA" batteries, a fully charged 7.2 volt battery pack, and decals applied to the body (on some models). Batteries, chargers, and fuel are not included with Traxxas models. They need to be purchased separately from your hobby local shop or

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