Splitter extension / canards, left and right / 4x12mm CCS (4)/ 3x10mm CC (2)   #6433
  9030-02 Caliber Off-Road Buggy Tires (2) Front or Rear (M3) Pair (fits V/V2 Wheels)   #PRO-9030-02
  Body bumper, foam   #7436
  Body, Ford Mustang, Courtney Force (painted, decals applied)   #6911X
  Box, receiver (sealed)/ foam pads/ 2.5x12mm CS (2)/ 3x6mm CS (2)/ 3x12mm BCS (2)   #7424
  Bulkhead, rear   #7429
  Chassis (black chrome)   #6922
  Docking base, TQi 2.4 GHz transmitter (iPod/iPhone) (requires TQi radio system, part #6508, 6509)   #6510
  Ford Fiesta ST/NOS Deegan 38 4WD Rally Car   #74054-6
  Front Bulkhead Blue NEW Traxxas E-Maxx / T-Maxx 3.3   #RPM-81065
  LED light kit, 1/16 E-Revo (includes power supply, front & rear bumpers, light harness (4 clear, 4 red), wire ties)   #7185
  LED Lights, Grave Digger /harness (2 red lights)/LED housing (2) /housing retainer (2)/wire clip (1)/wire ties (3)   #3686
  Mount, telemetry expander (fits XO-1, E-Revo*, Summit*, all Maxx trucks, Revo 3.3, Slayer Pro 4X4) (*requires rear chassis brace #5632)   #6556
  Mounts, RPM sensor (nitro engines)/ 3x10mm CS with split and flat washers (2)   #6536
  T-Maxx 3.3 4WD Monster Truck TQi 2.4GHz Radio System with TRX Link   #49077-1
  Wing   #6916
  "Chrome" Wheel Nuts & Knock-Offs   #RPM-80823
  "Fatboy" Chrome Sedan Pipe   #RPM-81213
  "Fatboy" Gold Sedan Pipe   #RPM-81194
  "Gold" Wheel Nuts & Knock-Offs   #RPM-80814
  "Slim Twinz" Chrome Sedan Pipe   #RPM-81223
  "Slim Twinz" Gold Sedan Pipe   #RPM-81204
  (PREORDER) Tires, Sledgehammer terra-spiked (2)   #1870
  (Replace From #2518X) Shock tower (front)   #4439
  (Replace From #2532X)Tie bar, fiberglass   #2532
  traxxas fun day 2015 ʹ2
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